Medical Tourism in Turkey has been very sought after in the last decade. The country is capital of medical tourism and especially Istanbul has established itself as a medical tourism hub thanks to fair prices, experienced doctors and modern facilities. You can check out our articles below to find out all about possible treatments. Each year more and more patients visit the country to get their dream look or simply to solve their medical problems in an efficient and economical manner. We help our patients to choose the right provider and treatment according to their needs.

Turkey’s healthcare system provides millions of patients with care every year. There are many incentives by the government to increase the number of patients and quality of care. Dozens of healthcare providers have internationally acknowledged certifications and qualified staff who speak multiple languages. Turkey is the place to be if you are looking for a tailored treatment package for your needs. It is possible to save up to 70% of your treatment costs by getting it done in Turkey.

Turkey is a bridge between west and east. This puts the country in an ideal position for medical tourism. Istanbul Airport is worlds one of the biggest airports. The city boasts 2 airports which means plenty of flights for the visitors. Traveling to Turkey is easy and for most citizens of European countries currently don’t need a visa or even their passport. Your national ID is good enough.

Is Turkey a good place for medical tourism?

Yes absolutely!

Why do people go to Turkey for medical treatment?

Fair prices, experienced doctors, hospitality, excellent facilities and location of the country.

What procedure is Turkey known for?

Mostly hair transplants and dental treatments.

What is medical treatment like in Turkey?

There are both public and private hospitals/clinics. Medical tourism in Turkey is mostly run by private sector.

Dental Tourism Turkey
Medical Tourism in Istanbul is very attractive to patients all over the world

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and check out Turkish Ministry of Healths web site for more information about health tourism in Istanbul and Turkey.