Guarantee of treatments

For Dental Patients
Our partner dental clinic in Istanbul works with leading European manufacturers and dental implant brands for quality reasons and for the best chances of success in your dental treatment. All materials used are ISO 9001 certified and meet European standards.

Duration of the guarantees

Dental Implants: 10 years
Crowns and bridges: 5 years

The guarantee does not apply if:

– The postoperative instructions are not followed
– The patient neglects his/her oral hygiene
– Dental care performed in another dental office
– Implant rejection due to condition of the gingiva or jawbone
– Accidents (sports accident, traffic accident etc.)
– Serious general illness with adverse effects on the condition of the jaw, teeth and / or dentures (eg diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, etc.)
– The patient does not inform us about a problem as soon as possible
– The annual decalcification by a dentist is mandatory and must be proven by a certificate.
– Later onset gum disease caused by other events such as genetic factors, stress, pregnancy or carelessness in maintaining hygiene;
– In cases of problems due to not using night guards in patients with bruxism (wince at night or during the day).

The warranty covers all repair costs incurred as a result of a manufacturing or installation error, as well as travel expenses on site. Flight costs, accommodation and other accommodation costs are the responsibility of the patient. In the event of a dental implant failure, if its not patients fault  removal and replacement with a new implant are covered by the warranty. that is only If the bone structure makes the installation of a new implant impossible, we offer no refunds.

Hair Transplant Patients

-Post-operation instructions have to be followed. The true result can only be observed after a year. We do not offer warranty in case of an accident or negligence. If the result is not satisfactoy patient can visit the partner clinic for a free consultation and treatment again. Before visiting the clinic, the clinic has to be informed beforehand and clinic and patient has to agree on the solution. We don’t cover flight and accomodation costs. No refunds for the treatment. Patient might lose his/her own hair within time due to aging or other factors. We only offer warranty for hair transplant area.  For any treatments under that fall under the warranty, main responsible is the partner clinic.

Laser Eye Surgeries

Since laser eye surgeries are very spesific you need to ask about any warranty after examination before the treatment. If you are above a certain age or have certain problem the hospital might not offer warranty in your case. Warranty is usually included but you always need to ask and agree upon conditions with the hospital.


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