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Medic istanbul offers many advantages for the patients. We are guarantee %100 Patient satisfaction.
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Our doctors have more than 20 years of experience At our partner clinic International Patients department organise your transfer from the airport,your accommodation, Medic istanbul staff will be with you during your whole treatment.

Free consultation

We don’t want anyone to neglect their health so we offer all our patients we offer free consultation and panaromic x-rays for dental treatments.

Positive Reviews

Patient satisfaction is our utmost priority. Here you can read some of our patients testimonials.

24 Hours Online Assistance

Our motto is ”we are always there for you” we offer 7/24 assistance.

High Aesthetic Auality

Our partner clinics have many years of experience treating patients who only wish to have the best results.

Premium Quality

We use only the best and certified material for our patients.

Are you ready for a consultation?

We offer free consultation for all our patients.

Are you ready for a consultation?

We offer free consultation for all our patients.
Hair Transplant and Teeth Packages Turkey

Our Treatments

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most advanced denture method in the market. We offer our patients worldwide leading brands like Straumann and Dental Ratio.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are traditional dentures. Dental crowns can be made of different materials and used depending on the type of treatment as a dental bridge or a tooth crowns.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Our experienced doctors offer aesthetic dentistry and ”Hollywood Smile” treatments for all our patients.


Veneers are very thin shells made of composite material or special ceramics. Veneers are glued to front ot the teeth. Veneers can be used against discolored, broken teeth or simply to protect the teeth.

Dental Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very practical solution for patients who want natural white teeth. Only in one session you can get up to 8 tones of brightness.

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplants in Turkey are widely sought after due to their quality and price. Find out more about what we have to offer.

Lasik Istanbul

Laser Eye Surgery Turkey

Getting laser eye surgery over the weekend is quite the trend in Istanbul. Read our article to find out more about what we can offer for you.

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Hair Transplant and Teeth Packages Turkey

Hair Transplant and Teeth Packages Turkey

Hair Transplant and Teeth Packages Turkey Are you looking for a complete treatment package tailored for all your needs? We are experts when it comes to combining treatments and giving patients what they need. For many patients it is possible to the smile of their dreams and new hair just in a week. How does…


Veneers in Turkey

Veneers in Turkey

Veneers are one of the most sought after dental treatments nowadays. Find out how veneer treatments are done, why and when you might need veneers.


Hollywood Smile Turkey

Who wouldn’t wish to have a smile like a Hollywood Star ? In this article we share all the necessary Information about cosmetic dentistry and what makes a ”Hollywood Smile”


Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crowns are the the most widely used treatment method for all kinds of teeth in need of restoration. In this article you can find out how dental crowns work and why you might need them.


Dental Tourism Turkey

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Dental Tourism in Turkey Dental Tourism in Turkey has been blooming for the last decade but as of 2018 it is officially booming. Many people from all over the world are looking for a suitable destination to get their dental treatment done. Turkey and especially Istanbul has become an important hub for all kinds of…

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